a voice for the real issues in our community

A Leading Voice for Immigrants and Their Families

As a first-generation immigrant, Justin will ensure all immigrants have access to the resources they need to thrive in our community. Justin will lead the way in Salem and oppose any legislation that may harm Oregonians and their families.


Protecting Workers and Small Businesses

Working families in East Multnomah County deserve a legislator who will fight for them and is present during the legislative session. Like many small business owners in our community, Justin puts his employees first and sales second and he shows up to work every single day. This is one of the reasons why he earned the trust and support of our trades unions and why he hopes to earn yours.

Supporting Our Local Schools

When elected this fall, Justin will prioritize education funding for Oregon’s K-12. Unfortunately, there was almost little to no effort put into addressing education funding for Mount Hood Community College, whose technical and career programs are the backbone of East Multnomah County. Recently Mount Hood Community College was forced to shut down seven of their technical programs, leaving students with no choice but to either leave East Multnomah County or forced to suffer a long commute elsewhere. As a board member of Mount Hood Community College Foundation, Justin has lead the charge for additional resources at Mount Hood Community College. As a legislator, he will make sure our schools receive the funding they deserve.


A Solution for the Homeless in Our Community

Homelessness is a multi-faceted issue and incessantly throwing taxpayer dollars at a complex problem is not a sustainable long-term solution. If elected, Justin will focus on key issues contributing to homelessness such as prioritizing veterans in need, access to effective mental healthcare and addiction treatment, eliminating barriers to employment, and housing security.

Addressing Public Safety

Justin has earned the trust and support of local police officers in East Multnomah County. He will collaborate with our community and our local police departments to address issues related to public safety.


ALL families in East Multnomah County deserve a legislator who will fight for them. Justin Hwang always has East Multnomah County and its residents in his best interest. He is running for office to not only give back to his community, but also to address key issues impacting working families all over Oregon and in Senate District 25!

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