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Fighting for East County's Fair Share

Justin knows East Multnomah County has not received its fair share of state funding and has been ignored by Salem. While East County residents and small businesses struggled to get even an ounce of CARES Act funding, Portland received more than its fair share – all while our current East County legislators stood by and watched. If elected in November, Justin will advocate for our share of state funding from Salem – a share we, as tax-payers, rightfully deserve. 

Racial Justice and Equality

As a person of color, Justin believes that BIPOC must be seated at the table in Salem when solutions are being discussed to address racism. As someone who has personally experienced racism on the campaign trail and in his personal life, Justin strongly believes we must first have diversity in the legislature to systematically address this issue.  

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Protecting Workers and Small Businesses

Working families in East Multnomah County deserve a legislator who will fight for them and is present during the legislative session. As a small business owner and a local employer, Justin puts his employees first and sales second. In response to the COVID-19 crisis and Oregon’s swift economic downturn, Justin will prioritize jobs and economic recovery.

Supporting Our Local Schools

Justin will prioritize raising Oregon’s quality of education, beginning with K-12 funding. Justin’s added value to the legislature will contribute balance to Salem, helping drive K-12 to be one of the first budgets passed. Recent leaders in Salem have delayed the K-12 vote, which tends to trim its budget each biennium.


Homelessness is a multi-faceted issue and incessantly throwing tax-payer dollars at a complex problem is not a sustainable solution. If elected, Justin will focus on key issues contributing to homelessness such as prioritizing veterans in need, access to effective mental healthcare and addiction treatment, eliminating barriers to employment, and housing security.

All families in East Multnomah County deserve a legislator who will fight for them. Justin Hwang always has East Multnomah County and its residents in his best interest. He is running for office to give back to his community and address key issues impacting working families all over Oregon and in Senate District 25.

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